How to Keep Your Internet-Connected Home Safe and Secure

Homeowners nowadays are adding more and smarter gadgets to their homes. From thermostats to security cameras, an array of newer devices are making their way to your home. While some devices offer features like remote monitoring, some others use data to help you in optimizing your home. However, any device which is connected to the internet is at the peril of being hacked.

Here are some tips for keeping your internet connected gadgets safe from hacking.


Do not connect your appliances to the internet without a firewall.

Majority of people have a router at home which acts as a firewall by performing network address translation (NAT). Precisely, the router sends traffic which is necessary from the device to that device and prevents the traffic which is unwanted or malicious.

However, some devices like IP security cameras, are easy to set up by exposing them to the internet. They usually rely on password protection and web pages for security. So, remember that you need to use strong passwords for these devices and keep them locked behind the firewall.


Keep a check on firmware and security updates.

The first thing you should do after unpacking and plugging in your appliance is to check the firmware updates. Your device may have a firmware update which offers security updates and feature developments.

You can also check the manufacturer's website for instructions related to updating that device.


Consider getting a VPN for remote access.

A VPN; virtual private network, enables you to securely connect to your home network from another location. They encrypt all the information going to and from your appliances, and you can also create a secluded connection between you and another trusted network for checking up on the devices.

This way you will open your appliances to your home network and not the Internet at large. Plus you can still access your devices from any location by logging in to your home network via VPN.


Make sure that your home network is secure.

Keeping all the devices behind a firewall router will help only if your home network is secure. So, take some time to secure your home network. Make a proper setting and ensure that your router's security settings are up to the mark. If your home network is improperly configured, the devices which you are trying to protect from the rest of the internet will not have much protection. You also need to install an antivirus and anti-malware software for network security.


Get aware and educate yourself.

Mark it that the weakest link in the entire security chain is constantly the end user; that is, you! If you do not educate yourself on how to protect your data and your appliances, then you will leave some loopholes which may lead to identity theft, fraud, or malicious users who use your devices for their purposes. So, a little prudence and education will surely go a long way for making sure that all your internet connected appliances stay safe and secure.


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