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How Energy Efficiency Can Increase Your Home’s Value

In these difficult economic times, it’s important to figure out how increasing your house’s energy efficiency can generate a higher market value for your home. It’s not a step to just cut energy costs or increase the overall value of your house, it is also a step to increase environmental awareness amongst homeowners.   1.…
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Fire Safety for Kids – Be Ready for the Unexpected

A house fire is always an overwhelming occurrence and one that you never wish on happening. The children of the house are the ones most at risk when this disaster happens. Tragically, most house fires are started by children with harmful items like matches, candles, and lighters. Thus, following smart precautions at home and teaching…
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The Difference Between Fire Protection And Fire Prevention

If you own or manage a business, home, or any property, then you have numerous responsivities for its safety. One of the most important responsibilities is to keep all the residents, clients, customers and employees safe from the dangers of fire. For this, you need to employ both fire protection and fire prevention measures. But…
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