Tips for Smart and Secure Social Distancing

With the Coronavirus outbreak, this year has been all about tackling challenges in every aspect of life. Even the norms of social interaction are changing now and with these changing times, we need to adapt ourselves to the new normal and learn new ways of life. For example, social distancing. To ensure the safety and security of your person and property, here are a few tips you can follow:


1. Take extra care of the elderly 

It’s a known fact that people above the age of 60 and children below the age of 10 are the most prone to getting infected by the coronavirus. Therefore, we need to be more pay extra attention to such people and children. 


2. Lay ground rules for children

With schools having been closed down, most children are staying at home more than they did before. While the adults need to go out and work and earn, children are left at home, unattended. In this case, children need to made aware of a couple of things. For example:

  • How to use the home security system
  • What to say or not to say when someone calls
  • Not to let a stranger inside the house in the absence of an adult
  • All emergency contact numbers


3. Ensure to secure your homes

If you use a home security system, make sure to activate it properly, each time you leave the house. Whatever automation-related technology you have, use it to its fullest to ensure that you have secured your house to the maximum potential. Though it’s recommended to have a security system in each house, in case you don’t have one yet, simply making sure that all the windows and doors are properly shut and locked will also be helpful to some extent.


4. Good relations with your neighbors

In these hard times, when everything about us is uncertain and chaotic, our only solace is to be good to each other and help out one another in whatever big or small ways we can. Things get easier to handle if you have more people by your side. So, make sure you are being a good neighbor and a good citizen as well.


5. Be careful on social media

Regardless of the present situation, one should always be careful about what they post on their social media accounts. It is generally advised to avoid putting up your travel plans or details like a day of departure or arrival.


6. Sanitize everything

From hands to phones to even our car handles, everything should be sanitized on a daily basis to ensure that we reduce the risk of catching the virus as much as possible. Remember to eat only from hygienic places and even the vegetables and fruits should be sanitized before consumption.


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