Tips to Protect Your Small Business Assets

One of the most important aspects of running a small business is the protection of your business assets. Your assets include your inventories, equipment, properties and also your employees.

You may have a tech firm or a warehouse filled with products, but remember that your business can be at risk of theft and vandalism. So, the first step in securing your business is to improve your physical security.

In this blog, you will look at some simple and practical options to help your small business assets.


Learn to predict your risks.

Small business owners may have limited time and a limited budget. So before investing any money in security, you should conduct a quick business risk assessment and choose which issues are most eminent. This will help you in determining specific risks to your business. Some businesses have inbuilt risks which are impossible to eliminate. However, you can lower your vulnerability if you identify your more significant risks.


Upgrade the locks, windows, and lighting of your office.

Changing the locks on the doors of your office is one of the easiest ways of upgrading security.

If your office complex has a lot of foot traffic, then you should use commercial grade door locks which has a deadbolt for exterior doors. Also, replace your service locks which are out of order.

Also, distribute as few keys as possible. You should only give the keys to your reliable people and avoid having them go in wrong hands. Maintain up-to-date records to know who have taken the keys and when.

You may also invest in the window and door security bars.  Also, many commercial burglaries take place in the dark, so keep enough outdoor lighting for deterring theft and vandalism. You can also set alarms and flashes.


Set the alarm systems and surveillance cameras.

Investing in a full proof security system will take your home security to the next level. These systems include glass break detectors, panic alarms, keyless entry for employees, and video verification cameras with face detectors.

Also, smart security systems with automation features work wonders for all kinds of businesses. For example, automated locks are available for doors where you keep sensitive information. So, by using a door lock code for those locks, you can control which employees can have access to the information, and you can also have all the necessary details of the system.

Also, installing a surveillance camera is a good countermeasure to stay away from the threat of theft or vandalism.


Train your employees.

One of the most serious threats to a small business is employee theft. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners suggests that a typical business loses an average of 6 percent of revenues from employee theft.

You can have a risk from unintentional employee neglect and also the malicious intent of employees to harm your business by capturing merchandise, company documents, or proprietary information.

One easy way to address this problem is to provide security training to employees.
You should train your team to be clear with the information and inform before sharing. Ensure that every employee understands that you are having zero tolerance towards employee theft.


If you wish to secure your business assets, there is no better way than a full proof business security system. Contact Security Alarms Co today to explore how the overall security of your business assets can save you time and money.

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