Top 9 Home Security Facts That You Want to Know

In these times, with the rise of crime, home security is a major concern and priority for all home-owners, and the only way to secure the protection of your home is by taking proper precautions against undesirable elements.


Take a look at the home security facts and statistics listed below to make sure that your home doesn’t end up being just another statistic on the evening news. 

  1. In the U.S.A, a home is broken into every 13 seconds
  2. As unbelievable as it may sound, approximately a third of all break-ins take place due to the door being left unlocked.
  3. Most homes are broken-into into their doors.
  4. Approximately, thirty percent of burglaries target garages
  5. Think burglaries only occur at night? Think again. Nearly 70% of break-ins take place between 6 am and 6 pm. 
  6. One item that a lot of criminals seek out during a burglary is prescription drugs.  
  7. Usually, the master bedroom is the first room the burglar strikes, as it offers the biggest loot in terms of valuables and gadgets.
  8. Apartment homes are 85% more likely to get burgled as compared to a single-family home.
  9. About 10% of all break-ins result in a victim of violence
  10. Nearly 30% of break-ins occur when a person is a home.


Placing effective motion-detecting lights in strategic places around the house can startle savvy burglars and make your house less prone to invasion. When coupled with a home security system you can effectively decrease your vulnerability to burglary.  


How to Prevent Home Burglaries from Occurring 

It might surprise you to know that it only takes a minute for a burglar to break into your home, and the simplest and most important step to prevent this from happening is to ensure that all your doors and windows are locked when you leave the house. You can strengthen the security this measure offers by getting a door that is sturdy and installing a deadbolt or a double-locking mechanism.


It is also interesting to note that burglaries are, more often than not, an inside job, and thus in a lot of cases, having a dog doesn’t necessarily prove to be the deterrent you think it would.


Studies show that criminal activity tends to rise in the warmer months and having a proper and reliable home security system in place is an excellent way to prevent your home from being broken into and burgled. 


Alarmed at how vulnerable you might be to criminal elements? Well, don’t be. We, at Security Alarms Co., have got your back. We offer you state of the art, modern and up to date security alarm systems for your home, with facilities like cellular and landline monitoring as well as a mobile app that enables you to control your alarm from a remote location. 


We have been protecting homes for 46 years now. Rest assured that you are safe in our hands. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a home security system from Security Alarms Co. today, so you don’t have a reason to regret not doing so tomorrow!

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