Why We Should Upgrade Your Security Systems for Business?

Security systems are important for and integral to every business as they help you reduce the risk of burglary and also aid you in monitoring your company or business. Given below are a few reasons as to why you should upgrade your security systems for business:


1. Smart Camera Integration

One of the soundest investments that a business owner can make is to install a video monitoring system. Camera systems are, in fact, one of the most effective and preferred crime deterrents these days. Not only that but installing them can also offer your business protection against lawsuits and might even encourage some insurers to offer discounts for having video surveillance installed at your place of business. In fact, integrating your camera with a smart alarm system will be even more effective


2. Remote Control 

Unlike outdated alarm systems, with a smart commercial alarm system, your alarms can be managed quite conveniently with the connected smartphone app. This means that you can control and manage the system no matter where you may be on your business premises and you can even take control of the system when you are away from your place of business.


3. Smart Thermostat for Improved Efficiency

Adding a smart thermostat to your business alarm system can help you save a significant amount of money on your utility bills. In addition, it also enables you to program schedules for heating and cooling and get detailed reports about energy consumption as well. Also, you can control and monitor the HVAC system from the same smart-phone app that is connected to your wireless smart system.

Furthermore, you can also use the smart thermostat to protect your inventory. So, if you have products that can be affected adversely by high or low temperatures, you can place a temperature sensor in the storeroom and then you can set the smart thermostat to make sure that the storage area is kept at the right temperature to protect those items.


4. Smart Lights

Another feature that can make your business smarter and more efficient is smart lights. These lights can be programmed to work and function as per your business schedule. For instance, all of the lights can be turned on for customers when you are an open business, and any or all the unnecessary lights can be turned off when you are closed for business.

Apart from adjusting the lights to function as per your business schedule, you can also control all of your smart lights by using the system’s app. Additionally, you also have the option of programming the lights so that they come on as a reaction or in response to certain stimuli or events, be it the opening of a door, where a motion sensor is triggered, or even just programming them to turn on automatically.


Are you looking to install a security alarm system at your place of business? Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us at Security Alarms Co. today!

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