Frequently Asked Questions

We work a little differently than a lot of these nation wide alarm companies.  What we do is we sell you the system up front and then you pay us for the monitoring.  Usually the word free is misused.  You should probably look at how much a month you are paying and how long you will be paying that amount until you actually own the alarm system when you see or hear the word free.

The customer should analyze the different entrances used while entering and exiting the house.  Some times you can centrally locate the keypad so that you can get to it from more than one entrance in plenty of time.  You can change that delay time but you don’t want to change it too much.  You also might want to look at putting one in the master bedroom or close to it so that you can arm and disarm from there as well.  But then again if you go with keyfobs or the virtual keypad app on your phone then you could use that from any where any time.  Keyfobs are handheld remotes that have buttons for arming, disarming, or panicking if you are faced with a bad situation.  You can put them on your key ring or put them in different locations for easy usage.  The virtual keypad app is an app you can download on your smart phone that will allow you to arm and disarm from any where at any time.

Our company has their own monitoring station.  A lot of these monitoring companies have to subcontract their monitoring with another company.  So this means both companies are trying to make money so they have to charge more.

Cellular monitoring is when we monitor you through a cell phone tower.  Most people think that we monitor through your cell phone and that is not true.  There is a card in your alarm control panel a lot like your card in your cell phone that sends a signal to our monitoring station through a cell phone tower.  Your control panel will have its own cell phone number.