Did you know that the Tulsa metropolitan area has one of the highest burglary rates in the country? According to a report by the FBI, 6,704 burglaries were reported in Tulsa in 2020. For context, that is more than double the rate per 100,000 people nationwide. While the city has a beautiful side, including Gathering Place and Tulsa Botanic Garden, there is no denying this darker side of the city. Fortunately, protecting your home or business is easy when you partner with the professionals at Security Alarms Co.


What Makes Security Alarms Co. Different?

Most national alarm companies tend to dupe their customers into paying full price for their security system under the guise of being “free.” In reality, these companies are adding extra monthly costs into their required monitoring services until that equipment has been paid off. As a local company, we didn’t feel like that was right. We focus on transparent pricing with up-front system costs and monitoring fees.
Security Alarms Co. has worked hard to be different. One of the ways we achieved this was through the creation of our own local monitoring station to provide 24/7 support whenever it may be needed. Most of our competitors have taken shortcuts to outsource this portion of their services to another company. That inevitably means more fees to ensure both companies get their dues. Why would you want to pay two companies for a single service when you don’t have to?

Some of the services that we provide in Tulsa include:

Alarm Installation Services in Tulsa

While you could partner with a national company for your alarm installation, there's a good chance that you won't receive the same support that you could with a local provider. When you work with Security Alarms Co., you work directly with local Tulsa alarm installation technicians. That means they are invested in the community and are always nearby whenever a problem occurs. You can even call our dispatch team 24/7 to get your questions answered!

Monitoring Services in Tulsa

Security Alarms Co. has invested heavily into our own internal local monitoring station. Instead of outsourcing this critical part of our business to another company that may not look out for the best interests of our customers, we decided to create an all-in-one solution. Our dispatchers are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to monitor alarms when they are triggered. All our team members undergo background checks and drug tests to ensure you are in great hands.

Home Automation Services in Tulsa

Home automation solutions have become extremely popular in recent years; however, many people are afraid to adopt them simply because they might be too complicated. Security Alarms Co. has helped countless Tulsa homeowners install and set up their home automation solutions; we can even train you how to use them! All home automation systems we provide are controllable through the Virtual Keypad app from DMP.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Tulsa

Security Alarms Co. works directly with commercial and retail locations to install, service, monitor, and inspect their commercial fire alarm systems. Our team is fully licensed and has the experience and knowledge to help build an entirely new system or renovate an existing one to ensure it meets state and local code requirements.

An Expert Partner for Your Safety and Security System Installations

Security Alarms Co. has worked to build a team of the top technicians in Tulsa for our residential and commercial clients. Whether you are interested in beefing up your home’s security or simply need help ensuring your commercial fire alarm system is installed correctly, we are a partner you rely on.

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Service Department in Tulsa is ALWAYS on Call!

Although Security Alarms Co. tests each security system we install for functionality, we know that problems can occur in the future. That's why we have our best technicians on call 24 hours a day to answer any questions that our customers may have or provide the assistance they need with in-person support options. That means you can rest easy knowing our local team in Tulsa will be nearby to help any time a problem occurs.
Most electronics will require minimal maintenance to continue functioning optimally. Security Alarms Co. does provide extended maintenance plans for our customers that want extra protection; however, we typically don't recommend them since we use DMP products. In our experience, this equipment remains incredibly reliable over time and will experience very few problems. If a problem does occur, you can always count on our one-year warranty on all parts and labor for installations or new parts.

Why Choose Security Alarms Co.?​

At Security Alarms Co., we know that to have a successful business, we must have happy customers. Our team works directly with clients to ensure they are satisfied with their solutions, installation, and ongoing support. You will talk to a person when you call our office, not an automated system. If you need assistance, all you have to do is reach out!