We get our alarm product from a private owned company out of Springfield, Missouri called Digital Monitoring Product. You can view the products at For a free estimate on installation of the product please call us at 918-683-5600.

Touchscreen Keypad

Features an easy-to-use interactive shield allowing quick arming and disarming without touching the screens to enter codes.

Outdoor Fixed Dome Camera

2 megapixel indoor/outdoor fixed dome camera with 2.8 mm focal length and IR LEDs for no/low light imaging at up to 98 feet.

Outdoor Bullet Camera

2.1 megapixel indoor/outdoor bullet camera with 4 mm focal length and IR LEDs for no/low light imaging at up to 60 feet.

Indoor Cube PIR Camera

2 megapixel indoor cube camera with 2.8 mm focal length, Wi-Fi and PIR detection and IR LEDs for no/low light imaging at up to 32 feet.

Remote Annunciator

20-key remote fire annunciator with a 32-character full text LCD readout that displays system events and menu prompts.

Alarm Communicator

Fully supervised universal alarm communication over Verizon's LTE networks for any burglary, commercial fire or residential fire panel.

Access Control Module

The DMP 734 Module Series offers multiple options for codeless entry plus system arming and disarming using DMP access cards or credentials; or it can be customizable for other credentials.

Cellular Extension Module

The 263EXT comes as a pair: One module installs directly on the control panel inside the metal enclosure. The other installs with the cell modem up to 300 feet away. Between the two modules, you can have up to 300 feet of continuous reach with a CAT5 cable or 22 AWG shielded wire.

Network Transient Suppressor

The Model 270 Transient Suppression Module provides surge suppression from the ethernet for the protection of DMP Panels. In UL applications, the Model 270 must be used if the switch is not installed in the same room as the panel.