DMP has partnered with Z-wave so that you can easily turn on/off a lamp, unlock/lock a door, or turn your thermostat up or down from an app on your phone. Imagine being able to turn lights on and off from your phone or checking to see if you closed the garage door! Our alarm systems now have the capability of incorporating Home Automation. This allows you to control Z-wave door locks, thermostats, lights, and garage door controllers easily with your phone any where you have phone service. All Home Automation is controlled remotely through the Virtual Keypad app by DMP and it is easily downloaded through your App Store. We are not licensed to install thermostats or lights so you will have to call a professional to install them and we will make them work with the virtual keypad. You can go to DMP.com to explore all the Home Automation possibilities. There is an additional monthly fee for this feature.