Proudly serving the city of Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Security Alarms Co. is well-versed in the many lovely attributes of the city. Whether walking along the Tahlequah History Trail or cooling off at the Tahlequatics facility, the city has a lot to offer. We are proud to be one small part of the city’s deep history and pride ourselves on actively serving the community. Our mission is to provide the best residential and commercial security in Tahlequah.


What Makes Security Alarms Co. Different?

Here at Security Alarms Co., we hope to provide a different experience from many national alarm companies. One way we do this is by providing transparent pricing regarding our up-front system costs and separate monitoring fees. Many national companies claim to provide systems for “free” while misleading customers by integrating the cost into their monthly fees. Security Alarms Co. will be transparent with you from the start.

Another way that we are different from many of our competitors is that we serve our customers by using our own monitoring station that we created and tailored to customer needs. Other companies often subcontract monitoring responsibilities to third-party businesses, which leads to a higher monthly customer fee. We promise not to use your partnership to offset our own costs. Rather than using two companies, stick with us, and we will provide all our services directly to you.

Some of the services that we provide in Tahlequah include:

Alarm Installation Services in Tahlequah

The knowledgeable alarm installation technicians on the Security Alarms Co. team will work with professionalism regardless of if they are installing your equipment the first time or servicing it after you have been a customer for a while. They will arrive in a company truck while wearing a company uniform so that you have no questions regarding who they represent. The technician will efficiently complete their task, clean up any messes created, and provide detailed instructions on how to use the system. If you need additional assistance once they have left, we also provide a 24/7 dispatch team number.

Monitoring Services in Tahlequah

Currently, Security Alarms Co. can provide monitoring services for around 6,000 clients. We have dispatchers available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, in case any alarms are triggered. Our dispatch team members undergo extensive background and drug tests to meet our required level of professionalism. The Security Alarms Co. dispatch team monitors alarms around the clock and is always trustworthy and ready to assist customers’ needs.


Home Automation Services in Tahlequah

If you are interested in utilizing a smart electronic system for your home, you’ve come to the right place. Security Alarms Co. has partnered with many homeowners throughout Tahlequah to set up and install various home automation solutions. If your goal is to remotely control your thermostat or ensure that your house is locked up tight from a distance, we are here to help! Our technicians can help create and implement your desired solution. All of our home automation systems are also controllable through an app from DMP called Virtual Keypad.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Tahlequah

Whether you are hoping to install an entirely new system in your building or renovate an old one, Security Alarms Co. can assist in your commercial fire alarm system needs. We are fully licensed and can install, service, monitor, and inspect various commercial fire alarm systems throughout Tahlequah. All systems we provide will meet or exceed existing state and local code requirements, ensuring that you can easily use them.


An Expert Partner for Your Safety and Security System Installations

Consisting of the top alarm installation and service technicians in Tahlequah, our team at Security Alarms Co. has worked diligently to create an unbeatable team for our residential and commercial clients. Whether you want to expand your home’s security or implement smart technology for your commercial system, we are here to help. We are your partner if you are looking for exemplary professionalism, correct installation, continued service, and quality products!

Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Service Department in Tulsa is ALWAYS on Call!

With many other stressors in life, the last thing you want to worry about is an ineffective security system or faulty home equipment. However, life happens, and if these problems arise, you will want quick and efficient help. Security Alarms Co. has our top technicians available 24/7 to provide support, answer questions, or make an in-person visit, depending on your needs. Not only are our technicians available to help, but we also provide a lifetime warranty on the control panel and keypad!

Alarm systems, like other electronic equipment, usually need maintenance over time. Although we provide maintenance plans at Security Alarms Co., we do not necessarily encourage them. Since we use DMP products during installations, we trust the reliability of the equipment and find it to have very few needs throughout its lifecycle. We also provide a one-year warranty on all parts and labor for new parts and installation to ensure peace of mind for our valued customers.

Why Choose Security Alarms Co.?​

We believe that you must also have happy customers to have a successful business. Our team at Security Alarms Co. works directly with clients to ensure that our solutions are satisfactory and that installation goes well. We also provide ongoing support throughout your time as a customer. You will talk to a person when you call our office, not an automated system. Security Alarms Co. values your time and will work diligently to help!