Security Alarms Co. has been a leading installation specialist of both residential and commercial security systems in the McAlester area since 1973. As a community-based company in Oklahoma, Security Alarms Co. can help install camera systems, access control systems, fire suppression systems, and more in your local building. Although technology has changed over time, our dedication to customers has remained steadfast throughout the decades. We pride ourselves in being a locally owned business in Oklahoma that eagerly services the greater McAlester area!

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What Makes Security Alarms Co. Different?

When you partner with Security Alarms Co., you will undoubtedly experience the highest level of quality customer service. Each customer has different needs, and we want to meet you with your individual wants. We listen to our customers in order to help them best make decisions on the systems that will work for them. Our team consists of the best residential and security technicians from throughout the general Oklahoma area. No matter your needs, we can help with your security installations.

In order to provide our customers with the best, most streamlined, service possible, Security Alarms Co. uses our own monitoring system. Many of our competitors outsource their monitoring services to subcontractors, but we believe that it is important to keep our services within one location. By subcontracting, additional fees can often be added to customer’s bills. We keep everything house and are able to help offset costs for you!

Some of the services that we provide in McAlester include:

Alarm Installation Services in McAlester

If you are looking for help with your commercial or residential security system needs, Security Alarms Co. is a great partner for you. Our team of experienced security professionals is able to build a new system from the ground up or improve your existing setup. Protecting your property and maintaining a safe environment for your household is of utmost importance to us. Security Alarms Co. can help with many security needs from alarm installation services to monitoring systems. When you need to have extra peace of mind, consider calling Security Alarms Co.!

Monitoring Services in McAlester

Currently, Security Alarms Co. provides monitoring services for around 6000 clients throughout Oklahoma. Our dispatchers are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can easily monitor any triggered alarms. We pride ourselves in hiring the best team and performing background checks and drug tests on each team member. You can rest assured that any Security Alarms Co. staff member is trustworthy and able to assist you to the highest standards.

Home Atomation Services in McAlester

There are lots of great new home technology systems to upgrade your home. Adding modern technology to your building doesn’t need to be stressful! Security Alarms Co. has worked with many homeowners to add a variety of technologies to their spaces. From Z-wave lighting to electronic thermostats to advanced door locks, we can help improve your space. Home automation services are a great way to update your house and can even be controlled by using an ntuitive app on your phone from anywhere. Don’t leave your house behind, update it today!

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in McAlester

The trained professionals at Security Alarms Co. are skilled in assisting businesses set up their commercial fire alarm systems. Additionally, we can ensure that your fire alarm system complies with the National Fire Code Book. Not only does our technician team provide design and installation services, but they also can help with service needs and inspections. In fact, our service department has someone on call 24/7.

An Expert Partner for Your Safety and Security System Installations

Too many companies provide services and then just disappear. Security Alarms Co., on the other hand, has a service department that is continuously on call. From standard alarm system maintenance to tricky questions, our service department can help. Our experienced technicians work tirelessly to serve your needs and represent the company well. If you have an appointment, you will find the service team arrives in a company truck wearing company shirts so that you have no doubt who is helping you. We strive to bring excellence to your doorstep!

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Our Service Department in McAlester is ALWAYS on Call!

When considering security, there is a lot to think about! Dealing with ineffective security systems, faulty home automation equipment, or alarm systems that have issues is the last thing you want to have on your mind. If any of these unfortunate events do occur, you can be assured that Security Systems Co. has reliable technicians on hand to help provide support to you or answer any questions that you may have. Additionally, Security Systems Co. provides a lifetime warranty on control panels and keypads with cellular monitoring.

Just like most other electronic equipment, electronic alarm systems usually require maintenance over time. At Security Alarms Co, we do provide maintenance plans but expect that you won’t need one. We use DMP products during our installations, which results in a very reliable installation process. Our knowledgeable technicians install the equipment correctly from the start, and we also provide a one-year warranty on all parts and labor for new installations!

Why Choose Security Alarms Co.?​

At Security Alarms Co., we know that to have a successful business, we must have happy customers. Our team works directly with clients to ensure they are satisfied with their solutions, installation, and ongoing support. You will talk to a person when you call our office, not an automated system. If you need assistance, all you have to do is reach out!