Security Alarms Company, Inc. is licensed to install, service, monitor and inspect Commercial Fire Alarm Systems of all sizes. Building or renovating a commercial building that requires a Fire Alarm System? We can design and install a Fire Alarm System that will meet or exceed state and local code requirements.

Design and Installation All systems are designed in house. Blueprints and all required submittal documents are sent to the appropriate AHJ with no third-party companies involved. Our licensed and experienced Technicians will install your Fire Alarm System and work with the local or state AHJ to finalize the project. We use Fire-Lite and System Sensor branded equipment for our Commercial Fire Alarm systems, which can accommodate any facility large or small.

Service Our licensed and experienced technicians are available around the clock to provide service to your system if it is needed.

Inspections To Ensure that your fire alarm system is working properly, it is required to be tested and inspected by a licensed Fire Alarm company. This is required by code and must be performed annually. Security Alarms Company, Inc. will perform the required testing and inspection, provide a detailed inspection report, and can perform repairs on any noted deficiencies.

Monitoring Monitoring of your system is achieved with a DMP cellular communicator. The DMP CELLCOM communicator will replace the 2 phone lines that were required by code in the past, utilizing a 58-minute check-in with our alarm receivers. This means you can drop those slow, expensive, and unreliable dedicated land lines. The DMP CELLCOM communicator can be installed on existing systems as well, which means you can turn off those phone lines.