There are lots of reasons to enjoy living in Sapulpa. When you are out enjoying the natural beauty at Pretty Water Lake or visiting the Waite Phillips Filling Station Museum, you want to know that your house is safe and secure when you’re gone. Security Alarms Co. is here to support you! Since 1973, we’ve been setting up cameras, access control, and fire systems throughout the community. Even as technology has changed, we have ensured that our systems evolve. No matter how many decades pass, we remain dedicated to our customers and prioritize serving you. Security Alarms Co. is proud to partner with the Sapulpa community for all your security system needs.

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What Makes Security Alarms Co. Different?

Security Alarms Co. hopes to provide you with a different and better experience than you would have working with a larger company. One focus that we have is providing transparent pricing from the beginning. While many national companies say that they will give you a system for “free,” the truth is that they are integrating the cost into their monthly fees and therefore misleading you. Security Alarms Co. will be transparent from the start and give you the best system cost and monitoring fees around. 

Yet another way that we differ from many of our competitors is by using our own monitoring station. We created this through our company and use it to customize our customer needs. Instead of subcontracting to another third-party company, we keep it in-house and therefore help reduce costs to the customer. Keep your information safe and partner with us, as we will provide all services directly to you!

Some of the services that we provide in Sapulpa include:

Alarm Installation Services in Sapulpa

Regardless of the task, alarm installation technicians on the Security Alarms Co. team will show up with top-notch professionalism. From first-time clients to long-standing clients, we value each customer. When our team arrives, you can expect them to be driving a company truck and wearing a company uniform. Our technicians will quickly accomplish their tasks, clean up any messes that were made, and provide you with instructions on what comes next. If any additional assistance is needed, we also provide a number for the dispatch team that is available 24/7. 

Monitoring Services in Sapulpa

Security Alarms Co. provides services for around 6,000 clients in the Oklahoma area. Our dispatchers are available by phone seven days a week, 24 hours per day. If any alarms are triggered, someone will be available to help answer your questions. All of our employees undergo background checks and drug tests to ensure that our quality of professionalism is met. Our dispatch team is available around the clock and always trustworthy to assist with your needs. 

Home Atomation Services in Sapulpa

If using smart electronic systems in your home intrigues you, talk with the team at Security Alarms Co. We have partnered with many local homeowners in the Sapulpa area to set up and install various home automation systems. Whether you want to control your thermostat remotely or be able to lock up your house when you’re gone, we can make it happen. Our technicians can help find and execute your ideal solution. Not to mention, all of our home automation systems can be controlled through an app from DMP called Virtual Keypad!

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Sapulpa

Security Alarms Co. can help with your commercial fire alarm system needs, from installing entirely new systems to renovating old ones. Our fully licensed team can install, service, monitor, and inspect all sorts of commercial fire alarm systems. Any system we provide will also meet or exceed the code requirements locally and in the state. That means you’ll be able to use your system and know it is up to code.

An Expert Partner for Your Safety and Security System Installations

The local team at Security Alarms Co. consists of the top alarm installation and service technicians around. We have diligently worked to construct the best team for residential and commercial clients. From expanding your home’s security to adding smart home technology, we are here to help! We are the company for you if you’re looking for a trustworthy partner with exemplary professionalism, unbeatable prices, and correct installation! Professionalism is our standard, and we strive to meet your highest expectations.

Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Our Service Department in Sapulpa is ALWAYS on Call!

Many stressors in life pop up, and an ineffective security system doesn’t need to be one of them. Call us if you run into an issue that causes your system to work incorrectly or have faulty home equipment. Security Alarms Co. has a team of technicians available around the clock and can provide support, answer questions, or make an in-person visit if needed. Additionally, we provide a lifetime warranty for control panels and keypads. 

Like most electronic equipment, alarm systems usually need maintenance over time. Even though we have maintenance plans available, we don’t think you’ll need to use them. Security Alarms Co. uses DMP products during installations, and we fully trust the reliability of the equipment. It has very few needs throughout its lifecycle, but we still provide a one-year warranty on all parts and labor for new parts if needed. We value your use of Security Alarms Co. and will always look out for your best interest.

Why Choose Security Alarms Co.?​

Security Alarms Co. prides itself in business etiquette and dedicated service. Our top priority is keeping our customers happy while also delivering exemplary work. By working directly with clients, our team can ensure they are satisfied. Our technicians will work with you directly, from finding solutions to the installation process to providing ongoing support. When you call our office, you will talk to a person rather than an automated system because we care about you! To set an appointment or receive help, call us at the number below!