As a leading specialist in residential and commercial security system installations, Security Alarms Co. has been serving the Van Buren area since 1973. As a community-based company in the Northwest Arkansas area, Security Alarms Co. can install camera systems, access control systems, fire suppression systems, and more in your home or office space. We are a company dedicated to customers first and will always be your reliable partner. Serving our local community is our joy!

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What Makes Security Alarms Co. Different?

Security Alarms Co. offers the highest level of quality customer service. We recognize the different needs of each customer, and we desire to meet those needs with personalized solutions. We prioritize listening to customers to assist in making the best decisions possible regarding working system solutions. Security Alarms Co. has established a team of the best residential and security technicians throughout Northwest Arkansas. Regardless of your security system needs, we can help with the installation and solution.

At Security Alarms Co., we have even gone as far as to create our own monitoring station. While many of our competitors outsource their monitoring services to subcontractors, we have chosen to keep our services within one location. When services are subcontracted, additional fees usually get added to customers’ bills. Instead, we keep everything in-house and use this to help offset your costs!

Some of the services that we provide in Van Buren include:

Alarm Installation Services in Van Buren

Look no further than Security Alarms Co. of Van Buren for your commercial or residential security system needs. We are sure to be a great partner for you! Our experienced installation team can improve existing setups or craft a new system from the ground up. We want you to feel comfortable with the level of safety we provide, so we will ensure that maintaining a safe household environment is a top priority. From alarm installation services to monitoring systems, we can help with your security needs.

Monitoring Services in Van Buren

Security Alarms Co. provides monitoring services for around 6000 clients throughout the greater Northwest Arkansas area. We have dispatchers that are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that can monitor any alarms that have been triggered. Our team comprises the most trustworthy professionals, and we perform background checks and drug tests to ensure that our team is the best. All Security Alarms Co. staff members have been vetted and will assist you to the highest standards.

Home Atomation Services in Van Buren

In the past few years, many excellent home technology systems have emerged. You don't need to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of adding modern technology to your building. Security Alarms Co. has partnered with many home and business owners to add a variety of technologies to their space. We can help improve your building by adding Z-wave lighting to electronic thermostats to advanced door locks. When you add home automation services to your space, you can even control them using an intuitive app on your phone from any location. Consider updating your home today!

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems in Van Buren

At Security Alarms Co., our trained professionals can also set up commercial fire alarm systems. We even ensure that your fire alarm system complies with the National Fire Code Book. Our technician team can provide design and installation services and help with service needs and inspections. Our service department has someone on call 24/7 to help with any of your needs that may arise.

An Expert Partner for Your Safety and Security System Installations

Security Alarms Co. takes pride in having a service department that is continuously on call. They can help with tricky questions, standard alarm system maintenance, or anything in between. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to serving your needs and continuing to represent the company well. When an appointment is scheduled, our service team will arrive in a company truck, wearing company uniforms so that you are confident in who is providing service. We will undoubtedly bring excellence directly to your doorstep!
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Our Service Department in Van Buren is ALWAYS on Call!

There is always a lot to think about when it comes to security. You certainly don't want to deal with any hassles from ineffective security systems or faulty home automation equipment to alarm systems with issues. If one of these events occurs for you, you can feel confident that Security Alarms Co. has reliable technicians ready to help. They will answer your questions and provide help when you need it.
Like most other electronic equipment, electronic alarm systems usually require a little maintenance over time. We provide maintenance plans, but do not believe you will need one. Security Alarms Co. uses DMP products during installations, which is a surefire way to ensure a reliable installation process. We have knowledgeable technicians to install the equipment correctly from the beginning. Additionally, we provide a one-year warranty on all parts and labor for new installations!

Why Choose Security Alarms Co.?​

At Security Alarms Co., we know that to have a successful business, we must have happy customers. Our team works directly with clients to ensure they are satisfied with their solutions, installation, and ongoing support. You will talk to a person when you call our office, not an automated system. If you need assistance, all you have to do is reach out!